Home & Auto

Industry reports state that roughly 2/3 of households are wrongly or underinsured.

Ask any of those homeowners, and they will say they have insurance.  Yet, if not written correctly,  the Policy doesn’t do what the homeowner expects.  The result? Wrong specifications, misfit policies, incomplete or too much coverage, and wasted premiums – everything a good Policy should not provide.


Appropriate coverage. Best Value for Your Premium.


Homeowners, Including High Value Homes

Your house is likely core to your net worth, as well as where you enjoy “Home”.  Planning for recovery from a total loss means you can expect your Home  and its contents will be replaced, temporary expenses are covered, and you have protection against liabilities that can take your Home from you.

Second Homes and Rentals

Vacation and Rental properties have their own exposures to risks against what you’ve worked for.  A properly written Policy offers help to protect and enjoy your properties with peace of mind.


Aside from utility and pride, our Automobiles are among the largest sources of liability. We understand this and can provide a well written Policy that not only offers coverage from loss or damage, but also provides the appropriate liability coverage to protect the rest of your assets if disaster strikes.

Motorcycles, Classics, Boats, RVs and Recreation

Recreation vehicles of all sorts help make life fun.  They, too, are also exposure to liability from injury to others.  A well written Policy prepares you for repair, replacement, and protection if someone is injured.  We will work to understand your overall financial footprint and prepare appropriate coverage to help protect the rest of what matters to you.

International Travel

We travel to experience and see a world very different from our usual surroundings.  Often overlooked are the different laws, mindsets, risks, and costs  of faraway places.  But, did you realize your insurance at home does not cover beyond our borders?  A quality Travel Policy helps protect against the issues we are not usually exposed to at home – medical, belongings, automobile liability, emergency evacuation,  even ransom.  We can help you plan protection from the risks you don’t plan for during travel.


Built upon sound base Policies, an Umbrella is one of the most cost effective and useful extensions of your Insurance Strategy.  Dollar for Dollar, the cost of an Umbrella is usually well worth the coverage it provides.