What is more important?

The best price for proper coverage, or price alone?

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter what your insurance costs if it doesn’t do what you want it to do.

We help you prepare for:


Liability • Loss • Recovery • Continuation

• Know your options

• Make smart choices

• Pay the best price  

Appropriate coverage. Competitive Premium. Managed Risk.


Are you properly insured?

An Insurance Policy is simply a contract between you and the Insurance Company that will pay for the consequences of risk beyond what you choose to cover yourself.  Therefore, the Policy Is Everything.

A poorly defined Policy won't perform the way you expect it to.  We look at your interests, the fine details, with a business owner's eye and crafts coverage appropriate for you.  Are you sure this has been done for you, or has price alone been the primary issue?

Are you paying too much for your coverage? Do you know?

Our goal is that our clients pay for what they need - no more, no less. And we help them understand their coverage so they can make informed choices.  As an Independent Agency, we shop your specifications with the Nation's top Carriers for the most competitive Premium.

We are businessmen, too.

Benefit from our 60 years of business management, ownership and Risk Management experience.

We understand an owner's investment and risk.

Let's discuss your business and how to protect it.

That's What We Do.